Creating a multi-generational outdoor space and expanding access for active older adults.

There are 2,100 residents that live within a 15-minute walk of the park. The median household income for the area is $28,000 per year and 59 percent of workers are in blue collar or service sector jobs.

In 2018, the Parks and Recreation Department engaged Westcott, Small and Associates to design a master plan for the park based upon previous planning work that identified the site’s aging tennis courts as ripe for conversion to pickleball courts. Parks and Recreation hosted community conversations for neighbors and Smith Center members to identify which amenities they would like to see at the park. The top five amenities chosen were pickleball courts, a picnic shelter with restrooms, a walking trail with fitness equipment, a park area with trees, shrubs and flowers, and permanent cornhole infrastructure.

Based on the availability of funding, the Master Plan broke the project up into two phases of development. The first phase, completed in May 2019, converted the two tennis courts into six pickleball courts, updated the parking area and added more ADA access, and installed a new gazebo and seating area. The project was funded with City voter-approved funds as well as private support from the GROWTH Network, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and the Junior League of Greensboro, which provided an $8,000 community impact grant.

Key facts for Smith Community Park

Within 15 minute walking radius of the park.

Key facts for Smith Community Park

Phase 2 of the project aims to better support center patrons and members of the surrounding community by providing:

  • A paved walking trail and outdoor fitness equipment with a shade structure
  • A picnic shelter with restrooms
  • Permanent cornhole and horseshoe pits
  • Renovations to the community garden and a hydrant for easier watering
  • ADA access between park amenities, parking areas and the center
  • Additional site improvements, including new landscaping and the removal of an old gravel driveway.

The changes will enable the center to expand outdoor programming, adding new capacity for transformational activities that support the social, emotional and physical wellness of older adults. The park amenities will encourage multi-generational use and interaction, and make better use of what is currently underutilized space.

Example of Horseshoe Court

Example of Picnic Shelter

Example of Corn Hole

Example of Fitness Equipment

Example of Pickleball Courts

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