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One award winning park system

Established in 1933, the City of Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department offers distinct experiences to serve Greensboro’s diverse community, and has an expansive network of facilities.

Where Greensboro Parks Foundation Comes In

Greensboro Parks Foundation was formed in 2006 with the goal of sustaining and enhancing our city’s award-winning parks system by obtaining critically needed funding from sources beyond those provided by the city’s annual appropriations. As Greensboro’s population has grown over the years, the demand for access to vital green spaces and innovative programming has amplified the pressure on the parks system to deliver additional resources to the community.

When Greensboro Parks and Recreation does not have the capacity to meet the demands placed on it, our dedicated team helps secure philanthropic dollars from generous community members and businesses to help fill the funding gap. To achieve this, we rely on our network of supporters who share our passion for the incredible natural beauty of our landscapes, the endless recreational opportunities, and the robust educational programming offered throughout the park system.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors and advocates, we continue investing in a continuously evolving public asset that promotes health and wellness, fosters community connections, and protects our local ecosystem.

We are proud to be the official 501(c)(3) philanthropic partner of Greensboro Parks and Recreation. When you invest in our most treasured community assets—our parks and shared spaces—you are making an impact for generations to come.

The Greensboro Parks Foundation Has Three Areas of Focus


Through restoration of existing assets and the addition of brand new improvements, our work supports the overall enhancement of Greensboro Parks and Recreation. We help to build playgrounds, restore trails, and much more.


From kayaking to youth summer camp to science exploration, our support expands Greensboro Parks and Recreation’s ability to offer free and low cost transformational programming for all ages and abilities.


We build powerful relationships with communities, volunteers, City leaders, and private or public organizations. Leveraging our connections, we advocate on behalf of Greensboro Parks and Recreation and create innovate strategies to address gaps in service.