Corporate Partnerships

Looking for ways to get truly involved in improving the life of the community where your employees live, work, and play? Corporate involvement with Greensboro Parks Foundation offers many attractive benefits. From improving outreach efforts and advocacy to enhancing programs and services, there are many ways that a partnership with the foundation can help your organization enhance its efficacy and impact.

Greensboro Parks Foundation believes in customizing our partner relationships to be more personal and closely aligned with what matters most to your company and its employees. Whether it’s supporting high quality fitness programs for older adults or improving the eco-system of a local park, we are committed to helping our partners connect with unifying opportunities to make a real difference in our community. (Oh, and it’s a smart marketing move too when 77% of consumers are more motivated to purchase from brands committed to improving the world.)

Adopt a Park

The goal of Adopt-A-Park is to make the parks clean, safe, and inviting. All Adopt-A-Park agreements last two years, but you are welcome to renew and extend your agreement when it expires. Partners will sign an agreement and contact form and agree to abide by the following rules: Adopt-A-Park partners are expected to clean and care for their park at least four times a year; Adopt-A-Park partners should host at least one workday across the two years which includes a larger task beyond basic cleaning.

Direct Giving

Greensboro Parks Foundation supports a wide array of facility enhancements and programming initiatives. Whether your company focuses on youth programs that build vital developmental skills or wants to invest in adaptive and inclusive facilities that provide access to people of all abilities, we can help your organization further its commitment to the cause through your designated giving. And of course we also offer the option to make a gift that will support all of what Parks and Recreation means to the life of our community.

Event and Facility Sponsorships

Throughout the year, Greensboro Parks Foundation presents signature events in support of Greensboro Parks and Recreation. Sponsorship benefits are comprehensive and may be tailored to the marketing and engagement needs of your organization.

Employee Peer to Peer Fundraising Campaigns

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a fundraising strategy in which individual supporters host personal campaigns to collect donations from their friends, family, and colleagues on an organization’s behalf. Peer to peer fundraising campaigns may be launched to support existing Greensboro Parks Foundation initiatives or to raise funds for a project spearheaded by your company and approved by Greensboro Parks Foundation in consultation with Greensboro Parks and Recreation.

To learn more, contact Executive Director Paula Barger at 336-373-2560 or  by clicking here.