Kayaks on a lake

Paddle Partners Sponsorship Program

Dive into Greensboro’s natural splendor and make a meaningful impact on our community with the Paddle Partners Sponsorship Program. The Greensboro Parks Foundation invites you to be a part of something special, supporting boating and water sports at our picturesque lake facilities managed by Greensboro Parks and Recreation. Join us in embracing the tranquility of our lakes while fostering community growth and environmental stewardship.

Why Sponsor?

Community Enrichment: Your sponsorship directly enhances the accessibility and quality of boating and water sports opportunities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds in our community.

Personal Engagement: Immerse yourself in the joys of outdoor recreation while fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection among fellow enthusiasts.

Environmental Stewardship: Demonstrate your commitment to preserving our natural resources and promoting sustainable outdoor practices.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Rowboat Sponsorship:

  • Sponsor the acquisition of a new rowboat, ensuring that individuals can enjoy leisurely rowing experiences on our vibrant lakes.
  • Receive recognition through signage at lake facilities and gratitude in our promotional materials.
  • Sponsorship Price: $4,000

Kayak Sponsorship:

  • Support the expansion of our kayak fleet, enabling enthusiasts to explore the waters with ease.
  • Enjoy acknowledgment through signage at lake facilities and appreciation in our outreach efforts.
  • Sponsorship Price: $1,400 for Solo Kayak, $1,800 for Tandem Kayak

Benefits of Individual Sponsorship

Personal Connection: Experience the joy of giving back to your community while indulging in your passion for outdoor activities.

Recognition: Your generosity will be celebrated through a personalized plaque on your sponsored boat, as well as on signage at lake facilities, ensuring your contribution is acknowledged and appreciated.

Community Impact: Join forces with like-minded individuals to create positive change, fostering a healthier and more vibrant community for all.

Get Involved Today

To become a Paddle Partner, please complete this sponsorship request form

For additional information on becoming a sponsor of boating and water sports at lake facilities managed by Greensboro Parks and Recreation, please contact the Greensboro Parks Foundation at info@gsoparksfoundation.org or 336-373-2560. Let’s navigate the waters of possibility together and make waves of positive change in our community.

Note: Sponsorship is for 10 years. Plaque wording is subject to approval by Greensboro Parks Foundation.