Supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

November 15, 2023

For more than 60 years, the Greensboro Youth Council (GYC) has shaped the lives of local teens by providing them with opportunities to builder their leadership skills and be active members of the community through volunteer work.

The Greensboro Parks Foundation is here to support these young people on their journey to becoming tomorrow’s leaders while helping them provide programs for the entire community.

Teen Growth & Development

Every year, GYC hosts the holiday toy giveaway Santa’s Workshop and the free prom attire pop-up shop Camille’s Closet and Theo’s Threads. Members also participate in stream cleanups and other volunteer activities during the year, and host Ghoulash, the Parks and Recreation Department’s premier scare-free Halloween event, which draws in families from across the region.

The charitable activities and other GYC events are designed, managed and executed by the teenage members with guidance and support by Parks and Recreation’s adult staff. Teens hone leadership, communication, project management and other skills while putting on this large-scale, high impact programs and events.

“You are doing something that you wouldn’t do in any other organization. What organization do you know where students put on actual projects? Ghoulash is huge,” said Naya Davis, a former GYC member. “The student volunteers play a huge role in it. It wouldn’t be possible without them.”

GYC also gives teens a chance to develop as individuals – including expanding their social circles at a critically important time in their lives.

“It’s a great organization that helps high school students learn valuable skills while having fun and meeting new people,” said Iman Khan, a former GYC chair. She credited GYC with helping her meet a more diverse group of students than those who attended her high school.

GYC Program Manager Jasia Stephenson said GYC encourages teens to take healthy risks and grow by putting them in charge and trusting in what they can accomplish.

Impacting the Community

They do that while providing an outstanding benefit to the community. Together, Santa’s Workshop and Camille’s Closet and Theo’s Threads provide free items to teens and families who might not otherwise be able to afford them. More than 1,000 families were supported last year.

The Greensboro Parks Foundation is proud to be a part of this exceptional program by assisting GYC in soliciting the individuals, business, and nonprofit sponsorships that it takes to host these programs.

Please contact Paula Barger, Executive Director, for information about how to support GYC programs.

By Amanda Lehmert
Senior Communications Specialist
City of Greensboro Communications and Marketing