Paddle Partners Boat Sponsorship Program

    In support of public lake facilities in our, Greensboro Parks Foundation is pleased to offer rowboat and kayak sponsorship opportunities. Please enter the following information to request sponsorship:

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    Please read and acknowledge the Paddle Partners Boat Sponsorship Program Guidelines before submitting your request. Participation in the Paddle Partners Donation Program requires the sponsorship to be paid in full by check from the donor within ten (10) business days of the application approval. The sponsorship will cover the cost of the boat and maintenance and, when applicable, the fabrication and installation of a commemorative plaque.

    For questions please contact us at 336-373-2560 or by email at

    Thank you for your support of Greensboro Parks and Recreation and the Greensboro Parks Foundation.

    I have read and understand the Greensboro Parks Foundation Explore the Waters Boat Donation Program Guidelines.

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